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The Spark

Rebrand's inspiration was kindled by a tweet from Andreas Storm. This insightful thought resonated with our core belief and became the catalyst for Rebrand, propelling us to create a platform that honors creativity in its purest form.


Established in July 2023 by Sahkyo Studio, Rebrand was born from a lifelong fascination with the art of transformation in design. As designers ourselves, we have always been in awe of those breathtaking videos that capture the essence of a brand evolving, the intricate design systems that redefine visual communication, and the stories behind each creative leap.

This wonderment led us to create Rebrand, a space where we could share these masterpieces with a community that shares our passion. We don't just feature designs; we celebrate the magic and creativity behind them.


If you're a designer, an artist, or simply someone inspired by the world of visual identity and rebranding, we invite you to share your work with us. Each submission is a potential spark for someone else's creativity, and while we can't feature all, we appreciate every single one.

For any inquiry or submission, kindly contact us at

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